Out of left field….

My blogging/writing ability is like my running ability limited at best. I desperately try to blog and then just delete it because well lets just admit it I am not a writer and really don’t have much to contribute usually. But I am going to attempt to blog once a week for the next two months in hopes to develop my writing skills and voice.

I am also going to yet again attempt to pick up running because I very much want to run a marathon! So once finals wrap up ( this can not happen soon enough) I will begin again my Couch 2 5K pod cast and work towards my goal. I am also excited to add BodyRock to my routine. both of my sisters have seen amazing strengthening results and I figure there is no real excuse, I have 12 minutes a day and requires little to no equipment and most of the things can be improvised.

So here I am at the end of what I hope is my last spring semester, with the ambition to focus on my blogging and fitness over the summer before heading in to my final fall semester and at the age of 33 finally get my bachelor’s degree. And that situation is a whole long boring blog I am sure no one wants to read but will be my next one because hey what else to I have to write about ;)?!

Ok and in case there are not enough cat pics out there on the internet…here is my own fluffy one!


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