Oh sleepovers…not sure I really miss you..

(This post is filled with bad grammar and general lack of style..proceed with caution)

Thinking back… I HAD A LOT OF SLEEPOVERS! Which got me thinking were they as awesome as I thought they were or just bad experiences over all. Conclusion they were a mixed bag but in my reminiscing I go to thing about my first sleepover.

I remember was in 5th grade and it was bad from what I remember. I was invited by a girl who was already wearing a BRA (yes, we were all incredibly jealous) and live in a super nice part of town and you know she was that girl..even in 5th grade her outfits were awesome and she just had it together.  Yes I know who has it together in 5th grade..no one but god I remember she sure seemed to. Ok so back to the story..I remember the thrill of being included because even at that age I was the odd girl out for various reasons (that is a whole other post) and to be included in a birthday slumber party was exciting. The dread set in when I showed up (didn’t know it yet but I was the last to arrive); her house was enormous and fancy, especially to a kid that lived in a trailer park. I looked down and realized that my Rainbow Brite sleeping bag was….well not cool.

Of course now it is retro and vintage so SUPER COOL! [Image is from Flickr]


So I manage to walk up and ring the door bell and get inside. That feeling of awkwardness and sense of impending doom that I felt that Saturday evening, is one that quickly became accustomed to over the years and still experience to this day walking into new places or people’s homes. I didn’t fit in, these girls had on fancy Benetton clothes (mind you this is about ’87) and REAL white or pink Keds, they were laughing and having a great time. I stood there thinking, I will make myself fit in and these girls will think I am awesome. I remember there were games of the usual variety, MASH, Light as a Feather ( which I was always to scared to try), Oujii board and of course the most cruelest game ever Truth or Dare. Here is where I remember things going down hill and my desire to be super cool and with-it flew out the door and I carefully slipped away to another room to read a book, so that I wouldn’t have to answer weird prying questions and or do something to embarrass my self.  I thought I got off scot-free and no one noticed but I assure you Monday morning when I went back to school those girls noticed and there was plenty of ridicule for me being a “baby”.

I do want to say though that I remember especially in Middle School I threw some great sleep-overs but I learned a very valuable lesson for that first one:

Lesson 1: The harder you try they less you fit in.  Though this lesson would be lost on me for years and to this day I have to remind myself.

Lesson 2: Only attend or invite people that you really know over to your house; the ones that know you are totally weird and that reading and watching obscure movies is totally your deal.

<div align="center"><a href="http://zebragarden.me/2013/07/10/sleepover/" title="Zebra Garden"><img src="http://i1079.photobucket.com/albums/w509/ashleyaustrew/rememberthetime_zps58158eef.jpg" alt="Zebra Garden" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

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