Notoriously Morbid Review

I will be making a separate post on my choice to move to completely cruelty free makeup, but with that being said through Reddit and internet research I have been able to find independent makeup brands that are cruelty free. My first indie order was from Notoriously Morbid.
They offer a fair range of products from shimmer to more matte shadows with fabulous names matching the darker theme of the the company, lip products and blushes. This was my own order and as soon as my new camera comes in I will be getting their blogger package and do a much more in depth review with swatches.

On to my order! I was super excited for the blushes I ordered from the Ripper’s Rouge Collection in Annie’s Agony and Mary Ann’s Misery.
Annie’s Agony is a beautiful light pink blush with tons of shimmer. It is about 4 g of product, which is plenty, in a jar with a sifter. This has been a great highlighter for me. I believe that this summer, once I have gotten a bit darker, it will be a great all over blush.
Mary Ann’s Misery is a fabulous lilac shimmer with some pink undertones. The site says mauve but at least to my eyes it appears to be very light purple. Here is a link from my imgur to a cell phone quality photo that I posted on Reddit; but I plan on taking proper swatch photos in the next few days.

EDIT: Alright here they are proper swatches and a look done with the shadows I received. If you are interested in a full product list please let me know and I will post everything on my face :). I also realized above that I did not list the shadows I ordered. Let me correct that, I ordered British Blondes, Nighttime in the Emerald City, Mint To Die For, Walks In the Moonlight. For my look I used British Blondes on my lids and Walks in the Moonlight in the crease with a light dusting of Bare Minerals Happy over it. I am also wearing Mary Ann’s Misery on my cheeks. This is something super simple I put together just to play and take a break from finals.
All of my photos a untouched and taken with natural sunlight.
Over all I super happy with one of my first purchases that I have made with an indie company and will be posting a few more of other orders I have recently received from Shiro & Silk Naturals.


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