Animal Testing is bad mmmkay!

Hi Y’all!
As mentioned in my Notoriously Morbid post I have made the decision to no longer use products from companies that engage in animal testing; this includes companies that distribute their products in China. I have made the choice as well to phase out household products from companies that engage in animal testing as well. There are a hundreds of blogs that have this same information but I feel that the more the message is out there the better.

I have to admit my naivety when it came to animal testing, I honestly did not understand that this was still happening on such large scale within the mainstream cosmetics industry here in the United States. I also was floored to discover that nail polish, filled with fairly horrific chemicals, is tested on animals. I think it is something that typically many people do not think about because with all of the technological advances it seems unnecessary.

I started researching and it is very clever how companies hide behind fancy wording to attempt to claim they do not test on animals. As an example:

” All Estée Lauder Companies products are tested for irritants and allergens using biological assays and human volunteers. We do not test our products on animals, nor do we ask others to conduct animal testing on our behalf.”
Wow that sure sounds like the don’t test right? Wrong! They conduct business in China and they currently (that is changing and I will be discussing that below) require animal testing to be conducted on products sold in their country.

There are many sites that have comprehensive lists of companies that do still test or those that don’t test here but sell in China so they test there also there are companies that will not disclose their suppliers such as Lorac. For me personally the site I use the most to check is, Paula’s Choice as they partner with NAVS, there are many other sites, such as Leaping Bunny.

I thought about adding pictures of animals who are tested on for shock value but I felt it is unnecessary. Simply look at your pet or a cute bunny on the internet and imagine them disfigured and in pain surrounded by no one who cares about them.

So some good news mixed with some bad news. China is rumored to have passed a law to stop testing on animals that should take place in June (sorry for using CNN as a source, that is a whole other blog) and of course the EU passed a comprehensive ban on products being sold in their country if tested on animals, this took 20 years to happen! Now for the sad news the US Congress (Here is the Bill) is considering passing a bill that would require animal testing and the estimated number of animals needed will be around 11.5 million. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is who is behind this bill so that we have “safe” cosmetics. Again in this day and age there are many things that can be done to demonstrate the safety of a product without harming animals.

If this is something you would like to prevent please sign this petition here and WRITE AND CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE!!!

Curious if I still have makeup to wear? Heck yes I do, there are plenty of mainstream companies such as Hourglass, Urban Decay, Julep and hundreds more. Want to support small businesses? So many amazing companies that I have discovered like Notoriously Morbid, Shiro Cosmetics, Makeup Geek and Meow Cosmetics these are just a few.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek and hopefully I have imparted new information if not check out the indie companies that I mentioned they have some amazing colors and excellent customer service! I will be doing a foundation blog in the next day or so along with the promised update of my Notoriously Morbid swatches with the fancy new camera!




One thought on “Animal Testing is bad mmmkay!

  1. I can’t believe that with Europe taking such a huge step forward, us in the US are taking such a huge step back!

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