Meow Cosmetics Foundation..meeeeoow!

Hi Y’all!
So let us gather around and talk about foundation /shudder. I did not win the genetic skin lottery and now that I am in my 30’s I am really struggling with finding the right foundation for few reasons.
First being that my hormonal acne is still present, I mean really will this ever go away (it won’t FYI) so the items that are prescribed to me create challenges for my skin (i.e some dry patches, redness etc…fun times) which translates to issues for putting foundation on my skin.
Second is the fact that in my 20’s I was not kind to my skin at all! I had no real skin care routine and was really bad about sunscreen, so now I have forehead wrinkles the size of the Grand Canyon. While I want to say this an exaggeration but the foundation settling into my forehead says otherwise.
So when I moved to using cruelty free products and the fact the MAC foundation I was using was not doing me any favors I wondered does anything cruelty free exist and flatter my skin?!?
Without going over all of gory details I will just hit the highlights; I went through several mainstream foundations that had been recommended on several blogs and on /r/MUA, those for sure did not work on my skin. In the past I have used mineral foundation and UD Naked, which I liked until summer hit and I had to just stop wearing makeup; I mean really when it is 115 outside EVERYTHING melts, even the asphalt. So I wanted to see what else was out there beyond Bare Minerals and UD so I went to Nordstrom’s and the girl color matched me into NARS Sheer Matte liquid foundation. It looks great for the first hour but then hello separation on my chin; no matter the primer (which is a whole other topic).
So I said to myself, “Self why not look into indie brands like you did with eye shadow and see what is there?” so after looking around and reading a few things on /r/Indiemakeupandmore I decided to check out Meow Cosmetics. Let me just say that the name appealed right away to me because I love cats, well most cats, I am not loving mine right now because they are asscats (see below for the asscattery they engage in while I am away) anyways I digress.
Cat Rave Party (2)

So it ended to be between two companies Silk Naturals, whom I have purchased other cosmetic items from in the past and Meow Cosmetics, I ordered from Meow but have foundation items in mind from Silk Naturals that I still intend to try as well. Meow is pretty awesome, they offer so many shades and tones and various levels of coverage! So I took my MAC shade, which is NW20, and thought back to the recent foundations I had tried and what I didn’t like color wise and ordered 9 samples. I went with Pampered coverage, because when I do have outbreaks I want to cover them, so having an all over medium coverage with an ability to build up more coverage was ideal for me. Out of all the colors that I ordered only one was WAY OFF base which is pretty good. I have three that I really love and they look good on my skin. For the sake of space I am linking to an imgur album I created, it will have descriptions of the foundations and several pictures of me wearing the foundation, shoving them all in here would result in you scrolling forever in this post. Meow Foundation Album

Verdict? This is for sure going to be my go to summer foundation. I will still use my NARS foundation periodically but the Meow foundation is like most mineral foundation and does not weigh on the skin and feels pretty good after a 10-12 hour day; with the Hades that is Arizona summer, lightweight and nice coverage is a requirement!


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