When I say haul I mean HAUL..Notoriously Morbid Haul & Review

Ok I know I mentioned doing a Glamor Doll Eyes review but this came in and I was so super excited to get this up! ( about 10 days later..I tell you masters programs and work suck my soul and time) So my first post after deciding to come back to blogging with a focus on beauty stuff was on Notoriously Morbid. Why another review so soon and not another product..that is because I have turned into a serious fan girl for Notoriously Morbid(NM). Nothing makes me want to throw my money more at something than great products, fabulous customer service and proof the owners really like their customers. For me these two are separate; one can offer a fabulous customer experience but not demonstrate an interest in their customers beyond the transaction but NM does both of these things!

I promise swatches are below and actual products are shown but entertain me for just a few more sentences. NM has a fabulous fan page on Facebook where they interact with their customers/fans daily. They answer inquiries amazingly fast, I must have deleted my order e-mail (lies, come to find out I can not type and added to may letter to my e-mail address) and just wanted to stalk the USPS site, so I emailed NM and received a response within 30 minutes. Carrie (Owner of NM) told me that it had shipped that same day and offered to get my tracking number, at that point I felt bad for bugging them for something silly and declined but she so sweet about it.

So here it is..well wait one more quick story NM has launched a Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection and when they announced this I squealed like a 12 year old and immediately inquired about rabbits. If you never watched this show stop reading load up Netflix and start watching…seriously though it is a great show produced by the master of continuity Joss Wheadon. The specific episode I was hoping would inspire a color is the musical Halloween episode later in the show where Anya sings about her bunny phobia, in my opinion this is one of the cult episode that die hard fans love. Here is the link to the song. So where is this going..proof of their customer service …on my invoice Carrie referenced my post in the Facebook group about my concern about a color with bunnies :D! I swear I am not 16..well maybe a small corner of my heart is still ….
Alright on to the makeup!! First up is the blogger pack, I decided to go with Random Colors. I received 5 samples and 1 mini. Blogger Pack Here are the swatches (swatching is a work in progress for sure!) BloggerPackSwatches

4 words…I love these colors!! From top to bottom
Witch With A Wand: a beautiful rosy pink in a satin/shimmer finish
Look Upon Me: Purple duochrome
Kompanion No.9: looks gray in the bag but blended out is more like a shimmery gray/taupe.
Morgana: Duochrome, it looks purple in the bag but blends to a vibrant blue with purple sheen.
Tenorman’s Tears: Satin sea foam green
Nighttime in Emerald City: Sparkly olive green
All swatches are done with Tarte Clean Slate 360 Creaseless Primer and bare skin and in natural light. Let’s just say these will need to be mini’s or full sizes in my life real soon.

The other items I ordered were from the Lost in the Lodge collection and other things that caught my eye plus the FF (Free Friday) item Lion Court. I also received two samples that my camera can not seems to capture the awesomeness of, The Doctor’s Wife and 13 Black Rainbows but I will include the pictures that I took.
Swatch time and all swatches are over Tarte Clean Slate 360 Creaseless Primer and bare skin in natural light.
Swatch 1Swatch 2Sample Swatches
The first two photos are swatches of the all of the jars but one…I only have so much arm but are in the following order:
Sometimes My Arms Bend Back (Lost in the Lodge Collection): on my skin it is more of a shimmery dark copper
Lion Court: Vanilla shimmer
Return of the Snow Queen: cool toned white shimmer
She’s Full of Secrets (Lost in the Lodge Collection): pink with a blue undertone, for me it is way more blue than pink.
Zinthros ( Sadly this has been discontinued):A dark purple with sparkles and blue undertone
Shadow of Things: Dark gray with a fabulous teal undertone
Bram: micro-glitter sliver

Third photo is a swatch of the final mini I had ordered and the samples:
Victorian Gypsy: Lovely shimmery pink ( I can see this being an every day color for me)
Garmonbozia (Lost in the Lodge Collection) this one had me worried in the bag but swatched it is a lovely sparkling yellow.
Big Bird Must Die: Honestly ordered for the name, fell in love with the potential for summer looks with this yellow.
One November: Nice sparkly brown color, again one that in the bag I was not in love with. Mind changed 🙂
Shoes to Kill For: Red..this shadow is RED! Now I am not sure what I plan for this color but it is freaking FUN! I am still planning out a look for the Katy Perry concert this may need to be a part of that.
25 Years: I am going to use the website description on this one…”Taupe with rosy pink shift” all I see is awesomesauce and sparkles..I love this color.

And finally the last swatch photo. I hesitated to insert this since my camera skills can not capture the amazingness of these colors.
13 Black Rainbows: black base with brilliant sparkles..this as a liner is going to happen!
The Doctor’s Wife: Deep shimmering blue, warning it may stain slightly but I just used a bit of coconut oil and came right off. This color is like Shoes to Kill For a bold color that needs an amazing look!

I really can not say enough about this company Carrie and Laura are amazing, they have a lovely Facebook group and a company that I am very happy to support. Slay Me should be in soon and I will get a review up much faster..next Milani 3-zone mascara :torture device or amazing idea as well as a Hello Waffle review!


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