New adventures out of the heat…

Well yes I know I have not been posting as regular as I should BUT BUT that is because I have moved and procured new employment! This summer has been especially brutal for me personally and while exciting things have finally happened it is very bitter sweet, but those sad things I just have to put behind me and I can not change the past. So on to the exciting things!  I have escaped the dante’s inferno that is Phoenix and moved to the lovely mountains of Salt Lake City! I would like note that I was not at all sad to leave Phoenix but was very sad to leave the small group of friend that I had made there. 

So now  I am finally back with my finance, yup also got engaged this summer, and we have settled down in the southern part of the Salt Lake valley. I have landed a job that is leveraging my masters degree and IT IS SCARY. Scary in a mostly good way, for so long I was  underwhelmed in my previous role, and now there is so much to take in and it is such a real adult job that at times I just wonder if I can do it. I have been assured by many people that I will be fabulous and so I will just have to believe in their belief in me until I believe it my self.

I have been on no-buy for makeup the last few months but I have ton’s of items to review and I broke my no-buy for Darling Clandestine’s Falloween release and of course Notoriously Morbid had to announce a release of a Supernatural collection; so lots of items on my radar. Which is great, since our new place has so much natural light that I am excited to set up my camera and get to swatching and photographing, maybe finally take the leap and launch my youtube channel that I have been toying with in my mind.

Exciting things ahead..oh and did I mention how pumped I am for SNOW!!! Expect loads of pictures and posts about my first real winter in 4+ years.


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