Notoriously Morbid…first purchase to celebrate cooler climates!

I am back with another Notoriously Morbid review. This was the first purchase I made when I found out I was finally moving out of the inferno because I could finally order Coffin Kissers! So I will start with those and then move to the small shadow purchase I made. I am holding out for the big Buffy and Winchester Gospels. I am also toying with swatching my whole NM collection, so if that is something you want to see, let me know!

Ok on to the Coffin Kissers, these are flavored lip balms that are pretty darn amazing. I find that they are my go to lip products when my lips are ridiculously dry. They don’t make them dryer as some balms do and they come in amazing flavors!! I ordered Impala Peach, Butchered Toffee and Pumpkin Crazy Grin.

  • Impala Peach: This smells fabulous, like the real peaches from the farmer’s market we bought two weeks ago. This will be for sure going into my nighttime lip balm rotation. I am sill working on Lemon Pound Cake which so far has been my favorite Coffin Kisser so far.
  • Butchered Toffee: Part of the fall balm release.  People FALL IS HERE! Well at least it is with this balm, smells like toffee and caramel and makes me ready to burn all the fall candles and put on sweaters. Going into the purse!
  • Pumpkin Crazy Grin: Also a fall release. This so reminds me of sweet cinnamon pumpkin from B&B. I really love this and this one will probably be going into the purse as well.

Shadow, ok I made a small shadow purchase as I am holding off to make a single big purchase when the Winchester Gospels and the 3rd wave of the Buffy collection comes out. NM was retiring some colors  and one was on my wish list so I picked up that, two regular shadows and the COTM.  All swatches are over e.l.f Glitter Primer and bare skin. I know that primers are sensitive topic for some, I only swatch over a primer that I use on my lids. I bounce between this e.l.f primer and UDPP. I also have Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae but until I learn how to make it work on my hooded lids I don’t use it to swatch for the blog, though it does beautiful things for shadows. Also all descriptions are my own and I will link to the site descriptions if available. All photos were taken inside in natural light. If you click on the pictures they will be full sized to see the lovely colors better.

Ok, let us begin!


COTM: Gorgeous Ghouls: this is a beautiful fuchsia pink with light sparkles. I love all pink shadows and this is no exception, I am super excited to get it on my eyes and come up with a fun look.

SH_NMStake of Holly: Hello Green! This is a bright shimmering green with what looks like tiny gold and blue sparkles. This is one of the discontinued colors, that was apart of the Christmas collection released by NM. I am thinking I need to make a look with this and the COTM, which of course would be more summery but who cares, I love to get sparkles on my eyelids!

PP_NM swatchPornographic Priestess: I would describe this as a mauve-y pink with shimmer that has a slight blue shift.  I received this as a sample in a previous order and as previously mentioned I love pink shadows. This shadow is one that I reach for a lot as it is very wearable, I have managed to use most of my sample so I picked up a mini of this. I think more of the shimmer comes out here but on my lid it turns into great mauve color.

EE_NMEvil Eye: Lovely light pink with shimmer. This is part of the Superstitiō collection which is on my list to pick up but of course this being a fabulous pink (sensing a theme here??) I wanted it now. I plan on snagging the rest of the collection in a week or so.

Now on to the samples! OMG so much excite!! Included in my order was two samples which I believe are from the upcoming Winchester Gospels. If you don’t watch Supernatural, well then I can not help you but I HIGHLY recommend diving into the Supernatural fandom, I promise there is pie.

Thank you tumblr for being a great source of SPN gifs. It was posted by user rawemotionbaby.

Thank you tumblr for being a great source of SPN gifs. It was posted by user rawemotionbaby.

SD_NM swatchSympathy For The Devil: This is a black base with a fabulous purple shift and small silver glitter. The silver glitter sort of fell out but that shimmer, I am really liking this color. I could see using it as a liner with Gorgeous Ghouls or any number of colors.

H_NMswatchHallelujah: Hello duochrome, let’s be friends. Chocolate brown ( I think it leans a bit red, reminds me of the red rocks in Zion) with a gorgeous blue/green duochrome. I am excited to get this color together with Pornographic Priestess or Evil Eye.

As usual I liked all of my stuff from Notoriously Morbid and I am just waiting until the entire Winchester Collection collection is out!!

**All items are purchased with my own money, reviews  and pictures (unless otherwise indicated) are entirely my own***

Until next time!


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