It ain’t no party unless it is an octopus party…

Preface: if you want to see swatches of polish that looks like a 5 year old did them then keep reading. If you want real swatches by true polish professionals please visit Pretty Girl Science (PGS), Amanda and Nicole are so amazing, I love their blog and all of their amazing swatches. Ok time to stop fangirling 🙂

So Octopus Party Nail Lacquer (OPNL) is an indie polish company found here. They are 5-free and vegan friendly and have been on my radar for months!! I only have hesitated to pull the trigger because jumping into the indie polish rabbit hole is just another obsession I am nervous to get into for good reason. But Dave of OPNL launched his fall collection on my birthday so I took it as a sign from the universe it was time to order, also I had been drooling over the swatches put up by PGS.

I did miss the start of the launch that morning, I was nursing a massive after-Katy Perry concert hangover, so missed out on one of the colors, Pumpkin Slice, but was able to grab the other ones I was interested in. Again I warn you my polish skills leave much to be desired also I have nubbins for nails, because well they don’t really grow, and I just broke two so I trimmed them this week. So on to the colors, Bleeding Tarts and Evil Live are still available as of the posting of this review.

Note: All photos are taken indoors in natural light unless other wise noted. All of the colors are applied of over a clear nail strengthener, that I am checking out right now. It is topped with Out The Door top coat, which really does dry super fast. Which is a good thing, I have the patience of a 5 year old when waiting for polish to dry.

Bleeding Tarts: Hello amazing dark purple fall color. It is opaque in two coats. Official Description.

Excuse the messy cuticles. I tried my hardest to clean it up :)

Excuse the messy cuticles. I tried my hardest to clean it up 🙂

Evil Live!:  OMG my first holo nail polish! So when I first put this one indoors I have to say I didn’t understand the hype of having a holo polish and wondered how everyone caught such beautiful pictures. Here is an inside shot:

Blah blah just another mauv-y polish in a bad polish job with bad cuticles.

Blah blah just another mauv-y polish in a bad polish job with bad cuticles.

WRONG!!! The moment I stepped out side I could not stop staring at the amazing colors that come forward on what I would call a dark rose base. Official description here. After I took these we walked to the store and I stared at my nails the entire time.

much shimmer. wow.

much shimmer. wow.

Witches Get Stitches: this is such a pretty color and I am glad I snagged a bottle. It is a pinkyish purple with amazing micro gold glitter. But it turns darker under certain lights. This is a great color that I could see wearing out for a fun evening and with one coat it would even potentially be office appropriate.

Indirect light (L) and direct light (R)

Indirect light (L) and direct light (R)

All of the goods:

ProductI was floored by the personalization of the card and the little tag on Evil Live!, that tag is darling! The personalization is what I have come to really appreciate about indie make-up and now polish. I am kicking my self for getting a mini of Evil Live! and I will probably be rectifying that very soon. Overall I am in LOVE with OPNL and Bleeding Tarts will be my go to fall color with no question!

So I promise to work on my cuticles and polishing skills because upcoming will be a review of the Femme Fatale COTM polish Star Pony and I have a feeling I have fallen down the indie polish hole.


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