Utah so far….

Alright, so it has been a month of living in Utah and I wanted to share my feelings and experiences so far. So let me start with the awesome things primarily the weather, which actually ties into the next awesome thing. It is glorious people, I have not been this happy with the weather since I briefly lived in Prescott, AZ. The mornings are cool, ok, since I just came out of the 7th ring of the inferno they are pretty cold but I LIKE COLD!!! Since I have arrived, the hottest afternoon was about 92 and that was two weeks ago. I have even observed snow on the mountains even!

So how does the weather tie into the next thing I am enjoying? Well since it is so cool and there is actual humidity in the air, in the mornings I drive alongside and over a river and I also pass huge pastures where there is this amazing mist that presses against the side of the bridge and lingers over all of the fields making the cows out there seems like shadows. It is beautiful and almost eerie as you just see this amazing low hanging mist stretch out.

Music, there is so much music up here, which is surprising. Now most of it appeals to my fiance more than me but we are going to at least three shows together in the next month and a half. We will be seeing The Pretty Reckless, Fly Leaf and Mary Lambert. We missed some good shows in September but between moving, going to see Katy Perry in Phoenix (which was AMAZEBALLS) and surprising my cousin, it was busy month.

I am sure this winter I will fall more in love with Utah because, snow! Now it historically has been where ever I move starts to see unusually dry conditions and atypical weather I am really hoping this is not the case here.

Now the down side…THE DRIVERS! I have lived in several cities that claim to have poor drivers and honestly there is only one city that comes close the sheer shenanigans that is the Utah roadways. I mean you know it is bad when the state troopers have license plate holders that say, ” Don’t Drive Stupid”.  I can not clearly articulate the sheer frustration that I experience daily but  I will say this after two years of commuting for 80 miles a day my short 36 mile commute seems twice as bad and we don’t even live in SLC proper. They have signs giving stats of how many days it has been since there was a fatality, in June 36 people tragically lost their lives.  I can say that at least twice I have missed being in a nasty collision and the person was oblivious. There is a clear mentality on the road here that it is just for them and being aware of the surroundings isn’t necessary.

Traffic aside ( I don’t drive unless I have to) Utah has been a great transition. I signed up to volunteer with Best Friends here in  Salt Lake. If you are not familiar with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and the amazing work they do, please check them out here.

I am excited to see what else Utah has in store!


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