Fyrinnae Review

Hello Y’all!

So today we are looking at Fyrinnae. This is not my first Fyrinnae order but it is the first time swatching and reviewing it on the blog instead of slapping it in imgur and posting only to /r/indiemakeupandmore on Reddit.

So I picked up these specific items after reading a post by /u/Dorian_Gray_ that possibly the 60’s collection may be cut. Now I will say the site is a bit of a challenge to navigate and find items by collections but it was linked in the same post by a Reddit user (THANK YOU!) so here is the collection in its entirety, 60’s Retro Collection.

When I saw the entire collection I knew there were some shades I had to have. So I picked up Bollywood Babe, London Calling, Polyester Witch and the Lip Luster in It’s a Mod World. I also grabbed Fluff ,a finishing powder, which is not apart of this collection and I have to say it is great! I received Nepenthe, from the new 2014 Halloween collection, as a sample and it goes very well with the other colors I ordered. As usual TAT (Turn-Around-Time) was super fast and I had my order in about 7 days.

All swatches are over Pixie Epoxy and Tarte Clean Slate 360 crease-less primer taken indoors with natural light.

The Goods:

Polyester Witch:The picture on the site does not do this color justice! Lovely purple with blueish green undertone. More of a shimmer than a sparkle finish. I can see this color coming into some everyday rotation.


Site Description: Light violet graced with fun green sparkle. The opposite of “Oh, My Stars!” (both are not-so-subtle tributes to a 60’s sitcom witch and match her signature ensemble).

Bollywood Babe: Continuing my quest to have a truly comprehensive collection of pink eyeshadow this little gem had to come live with me and it did not disappoint in real life. I am sure at my age wearing pink eyeshadow is a huge faux pas but don’t care, I like it!  Ugh this pink it is a good one super opaque and again not sparkly but has a lovely shimmer to it.

Left is a bit tilted away from the window to see how it shifts.

Left is a bit tilted away from the window to see how it shifts.

Site Description: Satiny cool medium pink loaded with cheery gold sparkle. The opposite of Equal Rights Shine. Applies lighter than it appears in the jar. Different from our Sugar Skulls, as that is a warm bright pink with copper sparkle.

London Mod: I will say this blue eyeshadow usually is not my bag but the name and the actual color of the blue intrigued me. It has greenish undertone, it is more of a cornflower type blue than a Tardis blue and made me thing of pools and summer.

London ModSite Description: Satiny light blue, a little warmer than cornflower, with filled with green sparkle, brighter than it appears here. The opposite of Space Age.

It’s A Mod World: Oh this is exactly what you imagine ladies wearing in the 60’s pearl finish lipsticks in fun colors. I apologize now for the not fabulous lip swatch. This color is very unforgiving if you have chapped lips or lips that have deep lines. Also my top lip is crooked so I did what I could. All that being said, I dig this lip luster A LOT!

First  arm swatches:

MW CollageLip Swatch:

MW_LipIt really doesn’t do this fun color justice. The lip luster’s are a dram to put on and awesomely pigmented. I have a few other colors that I am dying to try out.

Nepenthe: This comes across to me as a deep purple almost like a blackened fuchsia with a blue base. This color is awesome and I am sure my description is crazy.


Site Description: Vivid, metallic Byzantium purple, unlike any of our existing shades. It’s a warm bright purple, but still works on neutral or cool skintones. More striking in person. Not lip-safe.

Overall I am very happy with my order and I am still debating about grabbing the rest of the collection and hopefully it is available after the holidays. I am still getting the hang of using the Pixie Epoxy for swatching so that it does not look so patchy but on the eyelids this is like superglue, your shadow is moving nowhere!  Coming up will be September’s Notoriously Morbid VC review, better late than never 😉 , a Victorian Disco order as well and swatchfest of Aromaleigh Brillant Deductions Collection.


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