Better Late Than Never…September VC

Umm so yeah this is my September Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet (VC) review /hangs head in shame. I really thought after my grad program was done and this move completed I would be rolling around in free time..that is a big NOPE! Anyways so it is almost appropriate that I delayed.

September’s VC was a tribute to the indelible Tim Curry, who of course is famous for many things one of which is, Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now I have never seen Rocky Horror in the theater but I happened to stumble across a little theater in Ogden that is doing a run this up coming weekend and I quickly purchased two tickets.  I of course will be creating a look with the itemms that I received in my package for that evening and I will post it to my Instagram and social media outlets. Ok enough of my weekend plans ON TO THE REVIEW!!

-courtesy of

All pictures were taken in natural light and over bare skin and TooFaced Shadow Insurance.

Once in a Purple Moon

If you are not aware of the movie, The Worst Witch, I am very very sorry. Hands down one of my favorite movie growing up as I totally identified with Mildred Hubble. When I first saw the name of this color I was thrilled that Carrie put in a nod to this movie. Seriously I need to find this on DVD like yesterday. Of course I love this color, it is pink and it shimmers and I previously have hinted at, I LOVE ALL the pink eye shadows.

Once in PurpleMoon CollageWadsworth

“That sounds like a confession to me. In fact the double negative has led to proof positive. I’m afraid you gave yourself away.”-Wadsworth. Ah Clue, such a fabulous film filled with so many great Tim Curry lines to choose from. This color is deceptive in the jar. It is such a lovely duochrome, that looks different depending on the lighting.

WadsworthCollageThey All Float

I find it funny that I love this color. I read IT and hated clowns a bit but then I saw the movie and honestly Tim Curry made Pennywise infinitely scarier than my imagination ever could and while I can stand to see clown they make me nervous. This color by no means makes me nervous, it is fabulous!!

TheyAllFloatCollageSolace of Shadows

Ok I may have misspoke earlier saying The Worst Witch was my favorite movie ….because tell me of a true child of the 80’s who is unaware that Tim Curry is the devil. I am not sure how many times I have watched Legend but I am positive it is over a hundred at least.

SoS Collage  image courtesy of

This color is perfect, it is a muted purple-taupe-ish color in the jar and without direct light captures how dark the world seemed when the unicorn’s horn was taken. But under a flash of light, totally recalling Jack’s use of the large platters to filter light and defeat the Lord of Darkness. Yeah it is a spoiler, but if you have not seen this film by now you need to crawl out from under that rock, this color is beautiful.

Helluva Lover

Ok there is no lip swatches happening here, please refer to my horrible lip swatches in my Fyrianne review to see why.  So I have to say that I do not usually do red lips, I just feel like they do not look as good on me as nude or pink colors. Helluva Lover is the exception, it is a perfect berry red tone that doesn’t make me feel like I am playing dress up with my mother’s makeup. So here is an arm swatch under artificial light with no flash.


We also received a sample of Toxic Love from AFK Cosmetics, but you would have to ask my cats where that went off to, since they decided to help themselves to my makeup area and absconded with this and a few other sample bags. These three are why I can not have nice things 😉 .

I am eagerly anticipating October’s VC because Walking Dead!!!


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