Beauty For The Win…is winning!

Hi Y’all!

Do not act supervised I haven’t posted, it is becoming a bad habit to skip for a bit and the rush to put a bunch of posts up. In my defense it gets dark way earlier up here in SLC and there has been wedding planning afoot too. But enough about that on to the amazing shadows that is Beauty for the Win, found here.

So I made my order back in October, for her blogger pack, the biggest thing that appealed to me was the fact that a portion of every purchase goes to various causes, here is the list. I mean I really can’t pick a favorite, they all support amazing things.

On to the colors which right now are some of my favorite colors, I seriously stared at my arm for awhile after swatching just in awe of the pigmentation, texture and the over all looks of these colors. The sample size is very generous as well. I will link to the site for each collection if you want to see the site swatches as well.

I apologize for the wonky lighting, you know how I mentioned that it gets dark early?  Yeah well it is also cloudy a lot so everything is in indirect light unless other wise mentioned. All shadows are over e.l.f glitter glue and I used a $1 e.l.f shadow brush.

THE GOODS! (all under daylight bulb)

The Goods!


So let us start with the Harry Potter colors from the We Are Wizards collection. Being a huge HP fan these colors just call to me.


Fawkes This is an amazing golden orange color that practically glows from within. It is sparkly but is not a huge glitter bomb. I have no clue why but I am really into this color.

The Golden Snitch

GoldenSnitchThis is the prettiest gold, it is bright and seriously amazing. I need to take a better picture of this. But it works really well in the inner corner or foiled as a liner.

Wand Chooses the Wizard

Wand Chooses The WizardThis isn’t your ordinary brown. It is  warm and rich and insanely pigmented! It has a lovely shimmering finish. I am currently testing out another brown but I am excited to add this into a daily rotation.





Oh this is sparkling silver alright. I am super excited with the holidays coming up to try this out in a few looks, perhaps for Ugly Sweater Happy Hour?? I can’t see this being an every day color for me but it is lovely and I am sure would look fabulous as a liner.



MorsmordeThis is a dark almost black green with almost a golden undertone. I am not sure if it is the weird cloudy light but I really like it. I haven’t put this on my eyes …yet!


ProphecySeriously hands down my favorite color from this order. The duo-chrome is strong with this one and it just isn’t a color that even comes close to anything that I own. Paired with a matte black in the outer corner with possibly a matte or satin crease color..who know it is going to be worn this week for sure. I will put up a EOTD on my Instagram.


The next collection is the Fault in Our Swatches

HazelThis is a lovely coppery brown. The lower picture is blurred more than others to try and catch the pretty sparkles in this color.  The lighting really was being fussy but I went with it since I thought it looked with the streak of sunlight.


AmsterdamI know the site mentions brick red but all I am seeing is glorious copper. I am really tempted since this is lip safe to buy some Placebo from Life’s Entropy and see what sort of gloss this would be. I am super intrigued with copper lips at the moment and I have no clue why.


OkayBeautiful iridescent blue, this is my second favorite from this order and actually want to see what it would look like with Prophecy.

Hot Mess

HotMessCome on now be happy that I didn’t start with the pink shadow since we all know I have that, gotta catch ’em all feeling when it comes to pink shadows. This is bright fuchsia that is filled with sparkle. Dig it!

This Star

This StarA bright iridescent green loaded with sparkles. The name sake of this color is for the charity that is sponsored by the sales of this color. I have a color that is close but not exactly like this which is always good to not have exact dupes :).


InfinitiesCollageHELLO beautiful lilac glitter! This color is just a awesome glitter bomb. I want to foil this all over my eyes!!! ❤ This is the only one that I had to do under a daylight bulb because the weather just stopped cooperating.

And last The Jane Austen Blush Club

So here I put all of them in one collage and I will say this while somewhat similar in appearance in the photo they are different shimmer wise in person.

Blushes Collage Sorry I got cold so my arms are bumpy. Of all of these I really like Anne and Emma neither are glitter bombs but have a nice luminescence. Emma on the site says pink but my skin turns it a bit more coral. I feel like these are great summer blushes. This was taken in the last direct light I had that day.



So I recently have decided that I am going on a 3 month no buy and will be shopping my collection for posts. Also I will be doing pan that palette starting January 1st and will be working on a Project 10 Pan as well.


Hope everyone had a lovely Turkey day and have an amazing holiday season!!!




3 thoughts on “Beauty For The Win…is winning!

    • Yeah I really can not say enough about them! I am hoping to get up a post about my ugly holiday sweater project and post the look I am planning on pairing with my fantastical sweater creation.

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