2014…it was and adventure

Well 2014 is over, it has been filled with some good moments and some seriously painful ones. But 2015 is my year, it is the Year of the Sheep! Was going to post a picture of sheep that live near us but alas it seems to be lost so here is a one from the interwebz!

Photo from wikipedia.

Photo from wikipedia.

Let us focus on the good times!

After much consternation and sleepless nights I received my Master’s Degree this May. I also got engaged this summer and started in on the fun yet highly stressful activity of wedding planning, who knew even doing such a small wedding would be this much work :D.

I found a pretty great job in the same city as my fiance, imagine that being able to live in the same place finally! The move to Utah was fairly stressful but worth it. There is real winter here plus real farm animals too!

So what is in store for 2015?!?

Well Lars and I are going to attempt to do 2015 miles during the year, if you are wondering it is about 3.5 miles a day. We will be getting married in Hawaii this May! There will also be a trip to Denver to see the Foo Fighters as a wedding gift to Lars.  I also will be focusing on my photography skills and on destashing my makeup collection and participating in a Pan That Palette challenge.

Overall 2015 seems like it is going to be pretty good!


Courtesy  of PSDGraphics (located through Google image search)

Courtesy of PSDGraphics (located through Google image search)


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