Utah so far….

Alright, so it has been a month of living in Utah and I wanted to share my feelings and experiences so far. So let me start with the awesome things primarily the weather, which actually ties into the next awesome thing. It is glorious people, I have not been this happy with the weather since […]

Notoriously Morbid…first purchase to celebrate cooler climates!

I am back with another Notoriously Morbid review. This was the first purchase I made when I found out I was finally moving out of the inferno because I could finally order Coffin Kissers! So I will start with those and then move to the small shadow purchase I made. I am holding out for […]

Meow Cosmetics Foundation..meeeeoow!

Hi Y’all! So let us gather around and talk about foundation /shudder. I did not win the genetic skin lottery and now that I am in my 30’s I am really struggling with finding the right foundation for few reasons. First being that my hormonal acne is still present, I mean really will this ever […]

Animal Testing is bad mmmkay!

Hi Y’all! As mentioned in my Notoriously Morbid post I have made the decision to no longer use products from companies that engage in animal testing; this includes companies that distribute their products in China. I have made the choice as well to phase out household products from companies that engage in animal testing as […]

Notoriously Morbid Review

I will be making a separate post on my choice to move to completely cruelty free makeup, but with that being said through Reddit and internet research I have been able to find independent makeup brands that are cruelty free. My first indie order was from Notoriously Morbid. They offer a fair range of products […]