Utah so far….

Alright, so it has been a month of living in Utah and I wanted to share my feelings and experiences so far. So let me start with the awesome things primarily the weather, which actually ties into the next awesome thing. It is glorious people, I have not been this happy with the weather since I briefly lived in Prescott, AZ. The mornings are cool, ok, since I just came out of the 7th ring of the inferno they are pretty cold but I LIKE COLD!!! Since I have arrived, the hottest afternoon was about 92 and that was two weeks ago. I have even observed snow on the mountains even!

So how does the weather tie into the next thing I am enjoying? Well since it is so cool and there is actual humidity in the air, in the mornings I drive alongside and over a river and I also pass huge pastures where there is this amazing mist that presses against the side of the bridge and lingers over all of the fields making the cows out there seems like shadows. It is beautiful and almost eerie as you just see this amazing low hanging mist stretch out.

Music, there is so much music up here, which is surprising. Now most of it appeals to my fiance more than me but we are going to at least three shows together in the next month and a half. We will be seeing The Pretty Reckless, Fly Leaf and Mary Lambert. We missed some good shows in September but between moving, going to see Katy Perry in Phoenix (which was AMAZEBALLS) and surprising my cousin, it was busy month.

I am sure this winter I will fall more in love with Utah because, snow! Now it historically has been where ever I move starts to see unusually dry conditions and atypical weather I am really hoping this is not the case here.

Now the down side…THE DRIVERS! I have lived in several cities that claim to have poor drivers and honestly there is only one city that comes close the sheer shenanigans that is the Utah roadways. I mean you know it is bad when the state troopers have license plate holders that say, ” Don’t Drive Stupid”.  I can not clearly articulate the sheer frustration that I experience daily but  I will say this after two years of commuting for 80 miles a day my short 36 mile commute seems twice as bad and we don’t even live in SLC proper. They have signs giving stats of how many days it has been since there was a fatality, in June 36 people tragically lost their lives.  I can say that at least twice I have missed being in a nasty collision and the person was oblivious. There is a clear mentality on the road here that it is just for them and being aware of the surroundings isn’t necessary.

Traffic aside ( I don’t drive unless I have to) Utah has been a great transition. I signed up to volunteer with Best Friends here in  Salt Lake. If you are not familiar with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and the amazing work they do, please check them out here.

I am excited to see what else Utah has in store!


It ain’t no party unless it is an octopus party…

Preface: if you want to see swatches of polish that looks like a 5 year old did them then keep reading. If you want real swatches by true polish professionals please visit Pretty Girl Science (PGS), Amanda and Nicole are so amazing, I love their blog and all of their amazing swatches. Ok time to stop fangirling 🙂

So Octopus Party Nail Lacquer (OPNL) is an indie polish company found here. They are 5-free and vegan friendly and have been on my radar for months!! I only have hesitated to pull the trigger because jumping into the indie polish rabbit hole is just another obsession I am nervous to get into for good reason. But Dave of OPNL launched his fall collection on my birthday so I took it as a sign from the universe it was time to order, also I had been drooling over the swatches put up by PGS.

I did miss the start of the launch that morning, I was nursing a massive after-Katy Perry concert hangover, so missed out on one of the colors, Pumpkin Slice, but was able to grab the other ones I was interested in. Again I warn you my polish skills leave much to be desired also I have nubbins for nails, because well they don’t really grow, and I just broke two so I trimmed them this week. So on to the colors, Bleeding Tarts and Evil Live are still available as of the posting of this review.

Note: All photos are taken indoors in natural light unless other wise noted. All of the colors are applied of over a clear nail strengthener, that I am checking out right now. It is topped with Out The Door top coat, which really does dry super fast. Which is a good thing, I have the patience of a 5 year old when waiting for polish to dry.

Bleeding Tarts: Hello amazing dark purple fall color. It is opaque in two coats. Official Description.

Excuse the messy cuticles. I tried my hardest to clean it up :)

Excuse the messy cuticles. I tried my hardest to clean it up 🙂

Evil Live!:  OMG my first holo nail polish! So when I first put this one indoors I have to say I didn’t understand the hype of having a holo polish and wondered how everyone caught such beautiful pictures. Here is an inside shot:

Blah blah just another mauv-y polish in a bad polish job with bad cuticles.

Blah blah just another mauv-y polish in a bad polish job with bad cuticles.

WRONG!!! The moment I stepped out side I could not stop staring at the amazing colors that come forward on what I would call a dark rose base. Official description here. After I took these we walked to the store and I stared at my nails the entire time.

much shimmer. wow.

much shimmer. wow.

Witches Get Stitches: this is such a pretty color and I am glad I snagged a bottle. It is a pinkyish purple with amazing micro gold glitter. But it turns darker under certain lights. This is a great color that I could see wearing out for a fun evening and with one coat it would even potentially be office appropriate.

Indirect light (L) and direct light (R)

Indirect light (L) and direct light (R)

All of the goods:

ProductI was floored by the personalization of the card and the little tag on Evil Live!, that tag is darling! The personalization is what I have come to really appreciate about indie make-up and now polish. I am kicking my self for getting a mini of Evil Live! and I will probably be rectifying that very soon. Overall I am in LOVE with OPNL and Bleeding Tarts will be my go to fall color with no question!

So I promise to work on my cuticles and polishing skills because upcoming will be a review of the Femme Fatale COTM polish Star Pony and I have a feeling I have fallen down the indie polish hole.

September Glambag from ipsy

This is a few days late but better late than never! I have been remiss in reviewing my ipsy bags but never fear I am still really happy with them every month. This month’s theme is Street Style and if you are thinking of joining you can use this linky-link right here  to sign up!  On to the items!

All of the items:

September IpsyWhat we have here (left to right):

Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil

Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask

Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss

Sally Hansen
Miracle Gel™

Be A Bombshell
Smooth Criminal Powder

Swatches with and with out flash: Swatch w/ flashSwatch w/o flash

I want to preface that red nail polish is the bane of my existence, even in taking the state bar for my nail tech/esthetician license I struggled. This was a quick application and ugh my cuticles have not been taken care of. With that being said I am excited to see if this no light gel polish from Sally Hansen in Red Eye really is as chip resistant as it claims. 

Red EyeI will say this, it takes a hot minute to dry so make sure you have time to not touch anything. 🙂

So over all I like the items I received. The eyeliner is a bit lost on me, since I really don’t do liner but it is a nice texture and I like the color. I have used this brand of hair mask before so I was excited to get some more. I have used the Be A Bombshell powder twice, it does the job and sets my foundation but I enjoy my Skin Food finishing powder a bit more, better texture and smell. Though this is a great travel size to take on a weekend trip! I love the gloss color, this is a color I enjoy wearing and has some serious staying power. It does have a very slippery texture so if you are a lip rubber like me be mindful of that or else it may get on your face, no bueno. While I am more partial to pink polish I am excited for this Sally Hansen color for the holidays and it is for sure a V-day color too! I will make an update post on how it holds up through a rough weekend of cleaning and packing since I have to finalize my old apartment this weekend.

What did you get in your bag this month???

Notoriously Morbid…first purchase to celebrate cooler climates!

I am back with another Notoriously Morbid review. This was the first purchase I made when I found out I was finally moving out of the inferno because I could finally order Coffin Kissers! So I will start with those and then move to the small shadow purchase I made. I am holding out for the big Buffy and Winchester Gospels. I am also toying with swatching my whole NM collection, so if that is something you want to see, let me know!

Ok on to the Coffin Kissers, these are flavored lip balms that are pretty darn amazing. I find that they are my go to lip products when my lips are ridiculously dry. They don’t make them dryer as some balms do and they come in amazing flavors!! I ordered Impala Peach, Butchered Toffee and Pumpkin Crazy Grin.

  • Impala Peach: This smells fabulous, like the real peaches from the farmer’s market we bought two weeks ago. This will be for sure going into my nighttime lip balm rotation. I am sill working on Lemon Pound Cake which so far has been my favorite Coffin Kisser so far.
  • Butchered Toffee: Part of the fall balm release.  People FALL IS HERE! Well at least it is with this balm, smells like toffee and caramel and makes me ready to burn all the fall candles and put on sweaters. Going into the purse!
  • Pumpkin Crazy Grin: Also a fall release. This so reminds me of sweet cinnamon pumpkin from B&B. I really love this and this one will probably be going into the purse as well.

Shadow, ok I made a small shadow purchase as I am holding off to make a single big purchase when the Winchester Gospels and the 3rd wave of the Buffy collection comes out. NM was retiring some colors  and one was on my wish list so I picked up that, two regular shadows and the COTM.  All swatches are over e.l.f Glitter Primer and bare skin. I know that primers are sensitive topic for some, I only swatch over a primer that I use on my lids. I bounce between this e.l.f primer and UDPP. I also have Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae but until I learn how to make it work on my hooded lids I don’t use it to swatch for the blog, though it does beautiful things for shadows. Also all descriptions are my own and I will link to the site descriptions if available. All photos were taken inside in natural light. If you click on the pictures they will be full sized to see the lovely colors better.

Ok, let us begin!


COTM: Gorgeous Ghouls: this is a beautiful fuchsia pink with light sparkles. I love all pink shadows and this is no exception, I am super excited to get it on my eyes and come up with a fun look.

SH_NMStake of Holly: Hello Green! This is a bright shimmering green with what looks like tiny gold and blue sparkles. This is one of the discontinued colors, that was apart of the Christmas collection released by NM. I am thinking I need to make a look with this and the COTM, which of course would be more summery but who cares, I love to get sparkles on my eyelids!

PP_NM swatchPornographic Priestess: I would describe this as a mauve-y pink with shimmer that has a slight blue shift.  I received this as a sample in a previous order and as previously mentioned I love pink shadows. This shadow is one that I reach for a lot as it is very wearable, I have managed to use most of my sample so I picked up a mini of this. I think more of the shimmer comes out here but on my lid it turns into great mauve color.

EE_NMEvil Eye: Lovely light pink with shimmer. This is part of the Superstitiō collection which is on my list to pick up but of course this being a fabulous pink (sensing a theme here??) I wanted it now. I plan on snagging the rest of the collection in a week or so.

Now on to the samples! OMG so much excite!! Included in my order was two samples which I believe are from the upcoming Winchester Gospels. If you don’t watch Supernatural, well then I can not help you but I HIGHLY recommend diving into the Supernatural fandom, I promise there is pie.

Thank you tumblr for being a great source of SPN gifs. It was posted by user rawemotionbaby.

Thank you tumblr for being a great source of SPN gifs. It was posted by user rawemotionbaby.

SD_NM swatchSympathy For The Devil: This is a black base with a fabulous purple shift and small silver glitter. The silver glitter sort of fell out but that shimmer, I am really liking this color. I could see using it as a liner with Gorgeous Ghouls or any number of colors.

H_NMswatchHallelujah: Hello duochrome, let’s be friends. Chocolate brown ( I think it leans a bit red, reminds me of the red rocks in Zion) with a gorgeous blue/green duochrome. I am excited to get this color together with Pornographic Priestess or Evil Eye.

As usual I liked all of my stuff from Notoriously Morbid and I am just waiting until the entire Winchester Collection collection is out!!

**All items are purchased with my own money, reviews  and pictures (unless otherwise indicated) are entirely my own***

Until next time!

New adventures out of the heat…

Well yes I know I have not been posting as regular as I should BUT BUT that is because I have moved and procured new employment! This summer has been especially brutal for me personally and while exciting things have finally happened it is very bitter sweet, but those sad things I just have to put behind me and I can not change the past. So on to the exciting things!  I have escaped the dante’s inferno that is Phoenix and moved to the lovely mountains of Salt Lake City! I would like note that I was not at all sad to leave Phoenix but was very sad to leave the small group of friend that I had made there. 

So now  I am finally back with my finance, yup also got engaged this summer, and we have settled down in the southern part of the Salt Lake valley. I have landed a job that is leveraging my masters degree and IT IS SCARY. Scary in a mostly good way, for so long I was  underwhelmed in my previous role, and now there is so much to take in and it is such a real adult job that at times I just wonder if I can do it. I have been assured by many people that I will be fabulous and so I will just have to believe in their belief in me until I believe it my self.

I have been on no-buy for makeup the last few months but I have ton’s of items to review and I broke my no-buy for Darling Clandestine’s Falloween release and of course Notoriously Morbid had to announce a release of a Supernatural collection; so lots of items on my radar. Which is great, since our new place has so much natural light that I am excited to set up my camera and get to swatching and photographing, maybe finally take the leap and launch my youtube channel that I have been toying with in my mind.

Exciting things ahead..oh and did I mention how pumped I am for SNOW!!! Expect loads of pictures and posts about my first real winter in 4+ years.


SLC-Photo found on usatoday.com


Down the rabbit hole of indie perfumes..Darling Clandestine…

This is going to be my welcome back to blogging (YET AGAIN). The last bit of my final semester was rough and overall just needed to take a bit to get me all sorted. I have so many eyeshadow reviews that I need to get out buuuut I made a small purchase from Darling Clandestine (DC) at the beginning of June, after reading some many rave reviews at /r/indiemakeupandmore on Reddit.
I really had not ventured into the indie scents arena yet and while I wanted to order everything, I picked items based upon several blog reviews and comments from my fellow redditors. My reviews will be based on cold sniff from the jar and will list DC’s scent story below the photo. I have to say I was worried about the Phoenix summer destroying them before they arrived. I ordered three Bitsy Vials and two solids; while the smells mingled in the packaging and opening it smelled AMAZING everything seems to have held up beautifully. Sorry if the post is clunky this is my first perfume review (pretty sure there is going to be more) so let’s get to it


It is lightly spicy with a very clean dirt smell that reminds me of that laying one the grass in early spring where the dirt is the top note. I really like it. I ordered this as a Bitsy



“Gram-Negative is deep, damp, earthy essential moss; sticky green leaf resin; a whisper of black tea; and a rare, rich, mellow, buttery orchid essential oil that is just divine.” -DC

Next up is Blue Valentine
For the life of me I can not place the flower that I am smelling but it is complex but light in the bottle, i get a sense maybe of cotton but I am really excited to try it on and see how it dries down.
“My Saint Valentine’s Day scent, inspired, of course, by the irreproducible Tom Waits. A moody bouquet of hyacinth and violet and poppies and figs, washed down with shots of real whiskey and bitters and delicate musks and mint. Very potent, very heady. ” -DC

Last of the bitsy’s is Mishigami
I really need to work on this smelling thing of mine HAHA…all I smell is green, and warm sun like spring time in a bottle with a hint of dryer sheets (which I happen to like the smell of)
“Mishigami is inspired by the beautiful Lake Michigan, from Illinois to Wisconsin to Indiana to, well, Michigan, and all its moods, from frantic to placid, and all its colors, from steely black to algae green to misty grey to Caribbean blue, and all its shorelines, from fine beach sands to rocky cliffs to dappled pebbles to soft dark mud. It’s more than just an “aquatic” scent; it’s got haunting sandy depth that I’m really, really pleased with. ” -DC

On to the solids Inked was one I had to have several posts in Reddit just made it sound fabulous.
Smells like amazingly expensive leather, it is very sensual and warm, you would want to snuggle up to whom ever is wearing this for sure!
“Carefully blended and infused by me in small batches in vintage glass wine bottles, this fragrance throbs with a sting of sea salt and leather and splashes of communion wine. It evokes . . . well, it evokes raw skin. Yet it’s perfectly embraceable. And perfectly appropriate for gents and bold ladies. A multitude of different scent elements and weeks of methodical alchemy make Inked no ordinary scented oil mix — it’s a truly inimitable fragrance.” -DC

Last solid Kendraberry This one was brought back in a limited quantity so I felt incredibly lucky to have been ordering it when I did!
It is sweet (not super sugar sweet but light dusting of sugar) and floral. Of all of these on the cold sniff it is not my favorite but I typically love floral scents so I am hoping on me it works!
“Created for a dear friend, this fragrance is a bright, effervescent candied floral, tempered with fresh fruits and green tea and amber and ozone. Intense and feminine, perfect for those who enjoy a more “traditional” perfume but don’t like the headiness that comes with a commercial eau” -DC

Overall I am thrilled with what came in the mail and will be stalking DC’s store front for her to reopen in July! I thought I had ordered Carny Wedding but alas I did not and that is at the top of my list to get along with oh about a million others! Thanks for reading and hope y’all are staying cool this summer!!


When I say haul I mean HAUL..Notoriously Morbid Haul & Review

Ok I know I mentioned doing a Glamor Doll Eyes review but this came in and I was so super excited to get this up! ( about 10 days later..I tell you masters programs and work suck my soul and time) So my first post after deciding to come back to blogging with a focus on beauty stuff was on Notoriously Morbid. Why another review so soon and not another product..that is because I have turned into a serious fan girl for Notoriously Morbid(NM). Nothing makes me want to throw my money more at something than great products, fabulous customer service and proof the owners really like their customers. For me these two are separate; one can offer a fabulous customer experience but not demonstrate an interest in their customers beyond the transaction but NM does both of these things!

I promise swatches are below and actual products are shown but entertain me for just a few more sentences. NM has a fabulous fan page on Facebook where they interact with their customers/fans daily. They answer inquiries amazingly fast, I must have deleted my order e-mail (lies, come to find out I can not type and added to may letter to my e-mail address) and just wanted to stalk the USPS site, so I emailed NM and received a response within 30 minutes. Carrie (Owner of NM) told me that it had shipped that same day and offered to get my tracking number, at that point I felt bad for bugging them for something silly and declined but she so sweet about it.

So here it is..well wait one more quick story NM has launched a Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection and when they announced this I squealed like a 12 year old and immediately inquired about rabbits. If you never watched this show stop reading load up Netflix and start watching…seriously though it is a great show produced by the master of continuity Joss Wheadon. The specific episode I was hoping would inspire a color is the musical Halloween episode later in the show where Anya sings about her bunny phobia, in my opinion this is one of the cult episode that die hard fans love. Here is the link to the song. So where is this going..proof of their customer service …on my invoice Carrie referenced my post in the Facebook group about my concern about a color with bunnies :D! I swear I am not 16..well maybe a small corner of my heart is still ….
Alright on to the makeup!! First up is the blogger pack, I decided to go with Random Colors. I received 5 samples and 1 mini. Blogger Pack Here are the swatches (swatching is a work in progress for sure!) BloggerPackSwatches

4 words…I love these colors!! From top to bottom
Witch With A Wand: a beautiful rosy pink in a satin/shimmer finish
Look Upon Me: Purple duochrome
Kompanion No.9: looks gray in the bag but blended out is more like a shimmery gray/taupe.
Morgana: Duochrome, it looks purple in the bag but blends to a vibrant blue with purple sheen.
Tenorman’s Tears: Satin sea foam green
Nighttime in Emerald City: Sparkly olive green
All swatches are done with Tarte Clean Slate 360 Creaseless Primer and bare skin and in natural light. Let’s just say these will need to be mini’s or full sizes in my life real soon.

The other items I ordered were from the Lost in the Lodge collection and other things that caught my eye plus the FF (Free Friday) item Lion Court. I also received two samples that my camera can not seems to capture the awesomeness of, The Doctor’s Wife and 13 Black Rainbows but I will include the pictures that I took.
Swatch time and all swatches are over Tarte Clean Slate 360 Creaseless Primer and bare skin in natural light.
Swatch 1Swatch 2Sample Swatches
The first two photos are swatches of the all of the jars but one…I only have so much arm but are in the following order:
Sometimes My Arms Bend Back (Lost in the Lodge Collection): on my skin it is more of a shimmery dark copper
Lion Court: Vanilla shimmer
Return of the Snow Queen: cool toned white shimmer
She’s Full of Secrets (Lost in the Lodge Collection): pink with a blue undertone, for me it is way more blue than pink.
Zinthros ( Sadly this has been discontinued):A dark purple with sparkles and blue undertone
Shadow of Things: Dark gray with a fabulous teal undertone
Bram: micro-glitter sliver

Third photo is a swatch of the final mini I had ordered and the samples:
Victorian Gypsy: Lovely shimmery pink ( I can see this being an every day color for me)
Garmonbozia (Lost in the Lodge Collection) this one had me worried in the bag but swatched it is a lovely sparkling yellow.
Big Bird Must Die: Honestly ordered for the name, fell in love with the potential for summer looks with this yellow.
One November: Nice sparkly brown color, again one that in the bag I was not in love with. Mind changed 🙂
Shoes to Kill For: Red..this shadow is RED! Now I am not sure what I plan for this color but it is freaking FUN! I am still planning out a look for the Katy Perry concert this may need to be a part of that.
25 Years: I am going to use the website description on this one…”Taupe with rosy pink shift” all I see is awesomesauce and sparkles..I love this color.

And finally the last swatch photo. I hesitated to insert this since my camera skills can not capture the amazingness of these colors.
13 Black Rainbows: black base with brilliant sparkles..this as a liner is going to happen!
The Doctor’s Wife: Deep shimmering blue, warning it may stain slightly but I just used a bit of coconut oil and came right off. This color is like Shoes to Kill For a bold color that needs an amazing look!

I really can not say enough about this company Carrie and Laura are amazing, they have a lovely Facebook group and a company that I am very happy to support. Slay Me should be in soon and I will get a review up much faster..next Milani 3-zone mascara :torture device or amazing idea as well as a Hello Waffle review!

First Ipsy Bag…whoohoo!

Can I just say how excited I was to open my mailbox today and in there was a beautiful bright pink bubble mailer, which can mean only one thing it is that time of the month! (I laughed way to hard at this..moving on) March Ipsy

So I had been hesitant for a while to get into the whole beauty subscription game. I have seen numerous posts at the disappointment in products received through several services. I finally was convinced that Ipsy was a reasonable choice, most people seem to like what they get, it is only $10 a month! If you are thinking about signing up here is a link, Ipsy.

So the goods… without and with flash:
Ipsy Contents


My favorite item has to be the Bare Minerals Moxie lipstick in ‘Get Ready’
BM Moxie 'Get Ready'
Next I received a full size Be A Bombshell eyeshadow in ‘Bora Bora’

Just a quick review of the shadows, this is swatched over bare skin with two swipes. There is great payoff and the texture of Bora Bora (the darker brown shade) is almost creamy, very pleased and excited to see what summer look I can make with this!

Also I received a deluxe Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer (0.4 fl oz) which is for sure almost a BB cream since it has a shimmer I could see using this on its own or under a sheer coverage foundation.
I also received a full size, textured nail polish, from Nicole by OPI in ‘On What Grounds’; along with a super cute makeup bag inspired Klari Reis’ series that showcases San Fransisco, which happens to also be where Ipsy is headquartered. The outside of the bag is vinyl which means getting less dirty and will stay white (anyone who knows me knows keeping anything white is a physical impossibility for me) and the size is perfect for the purse to keep small items from escaping everywhere.

Out of all the items I received the nail polish is the only question mark, Nicole by OPI has been acquired by Coty and has not signed anything that they do not test though OPI has said they do not. With the ambiguity this will be an item that I will be gifting to someone.

Overall I fell like I totally received my $10 worth and look forward to see what April’s bag brings!! I am hoping my next post will be another Notoriously Morbid post (waiting impatiently of course) and also I am hoping to get up an opinion post if animal testing is really a fringe movement…oh yeah and a Glamor Doll Eyes review that is way over due!

Meow Cosmetics Foundation..meeeeoow!

Hi Y’all!
So let us gather around and talk about foundation /shudder. I did not win the genetic skin lottery and now that I am in my 30’s I am really struggling with finding the right foundation for few reasons.
First being that my hormonal acne is still present, I mean really will this ever go away (it won’t FYI) so the items that are prescribed to me create challenges for my skin (i.e some dry patches, redness etc…fun times) which translates to issues for putting foundation on my skin.
Second is the fact that in my 20’s I was not kind to my skin at all! I had no real skin care routine and was really bad about sunscreen, so now I have forehead wrinkles the size of the Grand Canyon. While I want to say this an exaggeration but the foundation settling into my forehead says otherwise.
So when I moved to using cruelty free products and the fact the MAC foundation I was using was not doing me any favors I wondered does anything cruelty free exist and flatter my skin?!?
Without going over all of gory details I will just hit the highlights; I went through several mainstream foundations that had been recommended on several blogs and on /r/MUA, those for sure did not work on my skin. In the past I have used mineral foundation and UD Naked, which I liked until summer hit and I had to just stop wearing makeup; I mean really when it is 115 outside EVERYTHING melts, even the asphalt. So I wanted to see what else was out there beyond Bare Minerals and UD so I went to Nordstrom’s and the girl color matched me into NARS Sheer Matte liquid foundation. It looks great for the first hour but then hello separation on my chin; no matter the primer (which is a whole other topic).
So I said to myself, “Self why not look into indie brands like you did with eye shadow and see what is there?” so after looking around and reading a few things on /r/Indiemakeupandmore I decided to check out Meow Cosmetics. Let me just say that the name appealed right away to me because I love cats, well most cats, I am not loving mine right now because they are asscats (see below for the asscattery they engage in while I am away) anyways I digress.
Cat Rave Party (2)

So it ended to be between two companies Silk Naturals, whom I have purchased other cosmetic items from in the past and Meow Cosmetics, I ordered from Meow but have foundation items in mind from Silk Naturals that I still intend to try as well. Meow is pretty awesome, they offer so many shades and tones and various levels of coverage! So I took my MAC shade, which is NW20, and thought back to the recent foundations I had tried and what I didn’t like color wise and ordered 9 samples. I went with Pampered coverage, because when I do have outbreaks I want to cover them, so having an all over medium coverage with an ability to build up more coverage was ideal for me. Out of all the colors that I ordered only one was WAY OFF base which is pretty good. I have three that I really love and they look good on my skin. For the sake of space I am linking to an imgur album I created, it will have descriptions of the foundations and several pictures of me wearing the foundation, shoving them all in here would result in you scrolling forever in this post. Meow Foundation Album

Verdict? This is for sure going to be my go to summer foundation. I will still use my NARS foundation periodically but the Meow foundation is like most mineral foundation and does not weigh on the skin and feels pretty good after a 10-12 hour day; with the Hades that is Arizona summer, lightweight and nice coverage is a requirement!

Animal Testing is bad mmmkay!

Hi Y’all!
As mentioned in my Notoriously Morbid post I have made the decision to no longer use products from companies that engage in animal testing; this includes companies that distribute their products in China. I have made the choice as well to phase out household products from companies that engage in animal testing as well. There are a hundreds of blogs that have this same information but I feel that the more the message is out there the better.

I have to admit my naivety when it came to animal testing, I honestly did not understand that this was still happening on such large scale within the mainstream cosmetics industry here in the United States. I also was floored to discover that nail polish, filled with fairly horrific chemicals, is tested on animals. I think it is something that typically many people do not think about because with all of the technological advances it seems unnecessary.

I started researching and it is very clever how companies hide behind fancy wording to attempt to claim they do not test on animals. As an example:

” All Estée Lauder Companies products are tested for irritants and allergens using biological assays and human volunteers. We do not test our products on animals, nor do we ask others to conduct animal testing on our behalf.”
Wow that sure sounds like the don’t test right? Wrong! They conduct business in China and they currently (that is changing and I will be discussing that below) require animal testing to be conducted on products sold in their country.

There are many sites that have comprehensive lists of companies that do still test or those that don’t test here but sell in China so they test there also there are companies that will not disclose their suppliers such as Lorac. For me personally the site I use the most to check is, Paula’s Choice as they partner with NAVS, there are many other sites, such as Leaping Bunny.

I thought about adding pictures of animals who are tested on for shock value but I felt it is unnecessary. Simply look at your pet or a cute bunny on the internet and imagine them disfigured and in pain surrounded by no one who cares about them.

So some good news mixed with some bad news. China is rumored to have passed a law to stop testing on animals that should take place in June (sorry for using CNN as a source, that is a whole other blog) and of course the EU passed a comprehensive ban on products being sold in their country if tested on animals, this took 20 years to happen! Now for the sad news the US Congress (Here is the Bill) is considering passing a bill that would require animal testing and the estimated number of animals needed will be around 11.5 million. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is who is behind this bill so that we have “safe” cosmetics. Again in this day and age there are many things that can be done to demonstrate the safety of a product without harming animals.

If this is something you would like to prevent please sign this petition here and WRITE AND CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE!!!

Curious if I still have makeup to wear? Heck yes I do, there are plenty of mainstream companies such as Hourglass, Urban Decay, Julep and hundreds more. Want to support small businesses? So many amazing companies that I have discovered like Notoriously Morbid, Shiro Cosmetics, Makeup Geek and Meow Cosmetics these are just a few.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek and hopefully I have imparted new information if not check out the indie companies that I mentioned they have some amazing colors and excellent customer service! I will be doing a foundation blog in the next day or so along with the promised update of my Notoriously Morbid swatches with the fancy new camera!