Better Late Than Never…September VC

Umm so yeah this is my September Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet (VC) review /hangs head in shame. I really thought after my grad program was done and this move completed I would be rolling around in free time..that is a big NOPE! Anyways so it is almost appropriate that I delayed. September’s VC was a […]

Notoriously Morbid…first purchase to celebrate cooler climates!

I am back with another Notoriously Morbid review. This was the first purchase I made when I found out I was finally moving out of the inferno because I could finally order Coffin Kissers! So I will start with those and then move to the small shadow purchase I made. I am holding out for […]

Animal Testing is bad mmmkay!

Hi Y’all! As mentioned in my Notoriously Morbid post I have made the decision to no longer use products from companies that engage in animal testing; this includes companies that distribute their products in China. I have made the choice as well to phase out household products from companies that engage in animal testing as […]